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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 3, 2020

60% of small businesses’ FAIL after business disruptors like Covid-19. How do you build business resilience, learn from poor leadership, and minimize risk while not sacrificing the progress you have already made? Listen to the episode to find out as Dave Weiner (an Air Force veteran) combines his 27 years of law enforcement and corporate security experience to equip you to be proactive versus reactive in life.

Impactful moments of the show: 

1) In the beginning, always say yes to opportunities. 

2) Poor leadership = opportunity 

3) Dave's KEY leadership skills and tactics to have others feel powerful and productive around you. 

4) Tactics to be proactive with your time and time-wasting people who suck the energy right out of you. 

5) Preparedness means before continuity means afterward. How do you manage business disruptions?  

6) Cheap is Expensive. Cost is time and resources not always $$$. 

7) Essential business functions to keep your supply chain moving efficiently and effectively. 

8) One industry that is getting hit hard right now and how we need to be thinking as people go back to work. 

9) Dave's Three Golden Grenades: 

1) Plan your escape 

2) Research your market 

3) LinkedIn Networking 

Here is how to connect with Dave Weiner and Secure Measures, LLC: 


Call Dave directly: 310-507-1493


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