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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 15, 2020

Are you someone who listens to this weekly podcast because you discharged out of the military with BIG dreams? Are you listening because you are committed to figuring out how to execute on them? Today’s show with Chaunte Hall will equip you with the three pillars you need to be equipped with to begin figuring out who you are after the military rank, uniform, and titles come off. So that you can live ongoingly proactive versus reactive as you grow and advance in the civilian world! 

Impactful moments of the show: 

1) How your favorite music can inspire you into power action.

2) What does Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) stand for and against? 

3) Getting out of the military to pursue your dreams only to realize you aren't who you thought you would be out of the military. 

4) Think in tangible terms and put the puzzle pieces together from there. 

5) The power in stepping back and assessing how you are viewed and then learning how to rise above the perception. 

6) Chaunte's three pillars to realizing increased wellbeing, holistic health, and resilience. 

7) How to master speaking to a job description. 

Chaunte's Three golden grenades: 

  1. Self awareness is KEY- allows you not to be rattled.
  2. Don’t do life alone- you are always relevant! 
  3. NOW is the time to Rise more than ever before. 

Connect with Chaunté Hall on LinkedIn here:éonLI 

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