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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 24, 2020

Have you gotten out of the military uniform and realized just how much you don’t know? Military jargon and Industry jargon in the private sector are not necessarily different, it's just a different language to learn. Stay tuned to learn more on how to view money as a tool, increase your communication skills, and how to simplify industry jargon to translate your natural profitable skill sets the military equipped you with which are in demand in the market place today. 

Impactful moments of the show: 

1) Being wrong with the who, what, when, and how getting out of the uniform and what to do about it.

2) Understanding money as a tool to measure success or failure in life. 

3) How important knowing terminology inside the Project and Program Management space to ensure success. 

4) The difference between project portfolio management, project management, and program management. 

5) One tip on how to translate your military experience into a desired industry or company. 

6) The easier the receiver to understand the faster things go in communication. 

7) Steve's three Golden Grenades.  

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