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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 8, 2020

Are you an Ambitious VET looking to accelerate your career path into an executive role? Are you someone who is finally ready to give up the old school tactics of resume writing, interview prep and other outdated non-effective approaches that only leave you with a J.O.B. that you do not love and leaves you under compensated. If so.. Tune in as Kevin Kermes of Career Attraction tackles the biggest myths that only slow you down and explain what it takes to land the work you love with the compensation you deserve!

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

  1. Interesting fact of Kevin.  
  2. How taking the pressure off and not always having it all figure out catapulted his career. 
  3. His $100K salary journey getting out of the military and his struggle with seeking validation at the beginning of his transition.
  4. How to overcome the initial judgements of the naysayers who don't understand you and your ambition. 
  5. His experience inside the headhunter and recruiting space. 
  6. The initial mental Landmine all ambitious vets hit in the first few years post-military. 
  7. How to stay clear on where you are going, not only what you are leaving. 
  8. A career with no purpose behind it will eat you up. 
  9. Why we are not always created equal as talent. 
  10. Kill it! When it's not a good fit, it's simply not a good fit. 
  11. The NEXT THING debunked. 
  12. The two biggest things that will push the needle forward more than anything else. 
  13. Understanding your current body of work i.e Human Capital 
  14. How do leave people feeling? 
  15. Extreme Ownership philosophy inside your employment seeking. 
  16. Resume is the golden ticket- but not the keys to the chocolate factory. 
  17. WHO is really under pressure the HR Manager or YOU? 

Kevin's Three Golden Grenades: 

1) Do your purpose 

2) The ABC’S of communication

  1. Be attuned with your audience
  2. Have a simply message and easy for people to advocate for
  3. Clarity 

3) Ask yourself "Hell Yes or Hell No" - does this support my vision 

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