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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 11, 2020

The world’s economy has been struck pretty hard with the Covid crisis- but remember- the nation's economy and your own personal economy is totally different. If you listen to this show on a weekly basis you are probably a veteran who has big goals - and with that said, now more than ever you need guidance financially on how to overcome short term struggles with a long term strategic plan to execute on those ambitions. In this episode, you'll learn from Lawrence Lagud of First Command Financial Services on how he personally overcame financial struggles as a SSGT in the Marine Corps, how to shift your mindset on money, and the process towards becoming financially squared away in life. 

Impactful moments of the show: 

3:00: Lawrence's personal story on how he joined the United States Marine Corps with $20.00 in his pocket, torn jeans, and duck tape on his shoes to later becoming the "money guy" in the Marines and now outside of the military. 

10:00: The flawed thinking of "All I want is Freedom" after the military and how to think about your financial security long term. 

15:00: First Command's difference they have been making since the 1950s through educational workshops, fun events, and their unique ability to stay key'd into how military finances work. 

22:00: The Devil is the details of your financial habits. The process to achieving those BIG goals all Ambitious Vets have. 

Here are the next steps in connecting with Lawrence and getting squared away with your finances today: 
Ph: 619.330.0416


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