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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 11, 2020

During times of uncertainty, it’s so easy to fall victim to survival mindset, in which, we all know all to well from serving in the military. What if you could shift your perspective from looking for the next BIG EPIC THING TO HAPPEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to finding the small daily advantages that stack up to EPIC WINS years down the road? In this episode, you'll learn the fundamentals in becoming a successful entrepreneur and how to prepare for your next big funding stage!

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

4 minute mark: Alex's story of going from family business, to growing within silicon valley, to managing portfolios, capital, and connections within the private equity space. 

8 minute mark: Alex's perspective on transition and how ambition changes in different seasons of life. 

12 minute mark: How he found long term sustainable successful in life.

16:00 minute mark: Alex’s philosophy on entrepreneurship.

22:00 minute mark: How to think like an investor and how build a scalable team. 

27:00 minute mark: What do we need to be thinking about in business as we move into a political transition. 

30:00 minute mark: Why 2020 will be a record year since 2007 from a capital stand point from the venture world. 

38:00 minute mark: Golden Grenades: 

  1. What’s alive in you today. 
  2. You do not need permission.
  3. Go get it! Go ahead and take a step with it. 
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