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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 17, 2020

Are you hesitant in life right now? Maybe overly cautious or even indecisive? If so stay tuned as Jesse Iwuji, Lt. Commander Navy reservist, Nascar driver, NBC Sports analyst, and owner of The Red List Group LLC- supplies the #goldengrenades to strengthen your faith, determination, and remind you of what it takes to be a champion in your own race!

Impactful moments of the show: 

3 minute mark: The the early grind of balancing Navy life and racing nascar on the weekends. 
4 minute mark: Jesse's perspective on military transition   
6 minute mark: How to breakthrough your fear in hitting that next big milestone in life. 
9 minute mark: Building bullet proof self belief to out last the weak.  
11 minute mark: You can't build a 
million dollar dream with a $1000 dollar effort. 
minute mark: What to do when you are feeling burned out or tired.
14 minute mark: Setting healthy boundaries with energy suckers and naysayers along your ambitious journey.

Golden Grenades: 

  1. Never let someone's opinion become your reality. 
  2. Darkest point of the night, the sun will still rise! 
  3. Strong enough, long enough- success is heavy- your muscles have to be strong enough to carry it! 

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