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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 24, 2020

Are you feeling overly serious in life right now?? Maybe you are hesitant or indecisive because you are reacting out of FEAR, which alot of us do when times get challenging and uncertain. In this episode with Nick Ripplinger, president of Battle Sight Technology LLC and author of Front Line Leadership you’ll walk away with the Golden Grenades needed to live with a more light hearted approach to life and give yourself permission to make mistakes while leading the way in your next big project in life. 

Impactful moments of the show: 

2 MM: The importance of not losing yourself in the midst of serious times. 
4 MM: Nick’s transition story and how no matter the planning is done.. you will never have it all figured out. 
7 MM: The consequence of taking what came to him and the one principle he leveraged to create more desired results in life. 
9 MM: The unfolding of Battle Sights infrared technology and the magical crayon that is innovating the frontlines technological world!
12 MM: How to create a light heartedness to serious problems and find risks worth taking.
18 MM: Creating innovation through end user feedback.
20 MM: How to pivot from leading from FEAR.
22 MM: How to crush your ego and eagerness to be important.    25 MM: Frontline leadership and journal conversation.
29 MM: Power of documenting your days.
31 MM: Golden Grenades: 

1. Find what you are passionate about.

2. Communication is KEY with spouse, kids, colleagues, ETC.. be yourself and share the good, bad, & ugly.

3. Surround yourself with the right people for growth.

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