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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 31, 2020

Are you a veteran dealing with the uphill battle of trying to keep up with outdated tactics and strategies in finding a fulfilling and lucrative career? Maybe you’re an employer looking to break the statistic of 65% of veterans leaving their first post-military career within 24 months by finding top talent through a skills based approach? In this episode, you'll learn from Robyn Grable, CEO of Veterans Ascend, her 15+ years of human capital management experience, and how to accelerate your path to salary increase and experiencing true career progression. 

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

3:00 MM: Her lessons learned in talking about herself and standing for her skillsets while transitioning out in 1988. 

5:00 MM: How to gain control over your career, skill development, and incubating your value in your current role. 

11:00 MM: Robyn's 15 years of experience on blast, sharing what she learned in military hiring and landlines that are killing productivity, revenue, and culture within major organizations. 

16:00 MM: How to get unstuck in your career (as a veteran) or hiring initiatives (as an employer). 

19:00 MM: Weeding out costly manual processes to hiring top military talent and one key tool for any Ambitious Vet to use immediately to begin understanding their skillsets more deeply.

23:00 MM: The question most organizations will never ask themselves that cost them both money and talent.

27:00 MM: What is the opportunity for corporations right now within the military veteran talent.   

29:00 MM: Golden Grenades:  

  1. Knowing yourself, self and skills inventory.
  2. Volunteer, help others fulfill on their missions.
  3. Network AND Research- connect, connect, connect. 

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