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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 7, 2021

If you are looking for a brand new perspective on to deal landmines in life, i.e. set backs, failures, this is the episode for you. If you desire to improve on building capital in your life, like human, social, and financial so can you finally have the margin for error in judgements, decisions, and assumptions this episode is for you! In this episode you will learn from Dr. Derek Abbey, CEO & President of Project Recover and retired United States Marine after 20+ years of service! 

Impactful moments of the Show: 

5:00 MM- Derek’s background in higher education, non profit space, and inside Project Recover. 

8:00 MM- How the Marine Corps saved his life.  

12:00 MM- Building confidence through military grade challenges.

18:00 MM- How to look at landmines in your life as opportunities. 

24:00 MM- How to exceed people’s preconceived judgements and build social capital that creates ongoing momentum and opportunity through life. 

28:00 MM- How to deepen your purpose and satisfaction in your life. 

30:00 MM- The wrong thing to ask when you are looking for what’s next in life.           

35:00 MM- How he made key career decisions to experience real progression. 

38:00 MM- Derek's Three Golden Grenades. 

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