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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 21, 2021

We all wish to be more proactive, more strategic, and on top of things when we get out of our respected military branches. However, we all know we play military until Uncle Sam tells us we are done in the uniform. At least that was my experience and this guest's. But imagine a service member being able to have the opportunities to gain the individual self awareness to be proactive verses reactive. Also major organizations tapping into military grade skills sooner. In this episode you'll gain critical insights and perspectives from Cornelius J. Maxwell, a motivational speaker, a veteran advocate, and business consultant. 

Impactful Moments of the Show:

4:00 MM: Cornelius J. Maxwell background and is lighting up his passion right now. 

6:00 MM: His transition story and landmines he hit socially, mentally, financially, and how he found stability. 

15:00 MM: Transition Units Theory, how it all started from a viral Facebook video.

20:00 MM: What educational units are missing in military transition as we relearn the civilian way of life.                        

27:00 MM: Building relationships as he scales his message and idea. 

28:00 MM: Four things successful people do that unsuccessful people do not do: 

32:00 MM: How to solve problems through generations when you are dead and gone? 

35:00 MM: Unapolotically: I am a man book, what it is and why he wrote it. 

37:00 MM: Phases to the book. 

48:00 MM: How you can support him in his ambitious pursuits. 

52:00 MM: Unapologetically: I am a man poem. 

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