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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 4, 2021

Are you a veteran who disconnected from the military community from day one after you served? Telling yourself it was time for a new chapter of your life ONLY to be missing the bond that is unbreakable today? If so, in this episode you will learn from U.S. Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) veteran and founder and CEO of Triple Nikel, Ruben Ayala as he finds a new mission to fight for years after transition which leads him to knocking down doors of his military peers to support in it's execution.  

Impactful Moments of the Show: 
5:00MM: Ruben's Number One Success Habit. 

6:00MM: Ruben’s transition story as a special forces Army Green Beret Officer.  

9:00MM: How he leveraged his MBA degree as a practical bootcamp to accelerate his learning curve in becoming a business leader in his local community of San Antonio. 

12:00MM: Going from guns to 5 vending machines to 100+ vending offerings. 

14:00MM: The moment Triple Nikel was born and how he recruited his initial leadership team. 

23:00MM: How they came up with the name Triple Nikel.

27:00MM: What makes Triple Nikel so different? 

30:00MM: Triple Nikel’s war cry to a nation which needs healing. 

34:00MM: Ruben's Three Golden Grenades: 

  1. Get you a mentor 
  2. Download Audible 
  3. Immerse yourself into the civilian culture, they pay taxes too!  

Connect with Ruben Ayala on LinkedIn here: 

Learn more about Triple Nikel's mission here: 

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