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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 25, 2021

One of the biggest landmines I see an Ambitious VET fall into after transition is trying too hard to create momentum so they feel successful. On this episode, you'll learn how to not only set healthy boundaries on your way to growing an impactful brand but also how to begin with 5 minutes a week to start with Amanda Huffman.

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

5:00MM: How Amanda took 5-minutes once a week as a mother to building one of the largest platforms for women of the military to be heard on.

8:00MM: Creating healthy boundaries while building an impactful brand. 

12:00MM: When she learned the power of giving back. 

15:00MM: Three Golden Grenades: 

  1. Get started. 5-minutes a week.
  2. Enjoy the journey.
  3. Learn form the success’ and failures in life. 

Ways to connect and learn more about what Amanda Huffman is up to in life after the uniform:

The Women of the military Podcast: 
Girls Guide to the Military YouTube Channel: 

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