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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 8, 2021

Do you feel like you are hitting bankruptcy in life? Maybe it’s business, relationships, marriage, or just overall wellness? Look, life can be challenging at times AND in this episode you will learn from Fred Wellman, 22-year Army veteran and Executive Director of The Lincoln Project on how to use your life experiences as building blocks, the one question to ask yourself when you feel stuck, and gain a new perspective on how to pursue an ambitious life that isn't always filled with sunshine and rainbows. 

Impactful Moments of the Show:
5:00MM: His "ah ha" moment in the Army that catapulted him into a passionate and profitable career post military.     

8:00MM: What to do when life hits bankruptcy as a Ambitious VET. 

14:00MM: Why Mentors and how to leverage them for success.

22:00MM: Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and the difference between the generations of veterans who have served. 

Ways to connect and learn more about what Fred Wellman is up to in life after the uniform:


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