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The Ambitious VET Show

May 6, 2021

Are you interested in knowing where to start when becoming an award-winning leader in your life? How do you make yourself indispensable in the mission you striving for right now, in your company, or in life? Both these are answered and much more from multiple award-winning CEO, Marine Corp Recon veteran, and National Security innovative leader, Chris Taylor. 

Impactful Moments Of The Show:
4:00MM: Why he decided to get out of the Marine Corps and what his experience taught him after 13 years of service. 

8:00MM: Identifying his first opportunity post-Marine Corps.

10:00MM: Experience at Harvard Kennedy School and building relationships with top world leaders.
14:00MM: Why you need to test yourself versus others first!

18:00MM: After sitting on five boards of impactful organizations and growing a company from $185M- $800M+ in three years, what Chris learned about responsibility. 

20:00MM: How to not put people on blast who avoid responsibility and the power of reflection. 

22:30MM: Leadership is a craft. It’s a way of life.

25:00MM: To get good at your craft. You have to get good at yourself first! 

30:00MM: Cognitive Bias and behavioral economics.  

32:00MM: How do we quantify responsibility?

35:00MM: Questions to ask yourself to go to places in life you have never gone before.

37:00MM: How to shift your mindset for growth, in your leadership role. 

40:00MM: Chris’ last golden grenade: PERSISTENCE.

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