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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 30, 2018

In this episode: Denise BLOWS the show up so much that my server LITERALLY needed to reboot for a part 2! She explains how she went from being someone who would walk into a room and everyone would snap to attention, to being someone who lost all status in the civilian world and how she built a new empire, became a international best selling author, & is helping women discover and leverage their AUTHENTIC VOICES!

-We talked about how to focus on your accomplishments when your not creating traction and feel stuck
-Importance of Emotional IQ out of the uniform
-How to regain identity out of the uniform
-How to let go of the military persona and connect with civilians
-Her Formula on leveraging your military perspective to add value to the civilian sector
-What to do when you deal with "Self-Doubt"
-How to get unstuck and not be stagnate
-She shares her vision for her best selling journal called "Live in Gratitude Daily: The Key to Abundance, Joy, & Love" and how gratitude can open up new opportunity for us ambitious veterans
-She explains how to RE-FEEL after being conditioned to be numb while serving

Denise Joy Thompson is a coach, a champion for people finding their power within, a catalyst for transformation, a speaker, writer, a Colonel and Veteran. Denise is the CEO of Global Broadcasting LLC, founder of Global Voice Radio and owner of The Coach Alliance. After more than 27 years as a therapist and a military member, including two deployments, Denise Joy has transitioned to coaching women (and a few good men) in creating their businesses and a life they love to live.