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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 10, 2021

Preparation and education can still lead to landmines blowing up your progress. Rather you prepare eighteen months out from your transition date or even if you have been out for years and killing it. Question is how do you overcome losing six figures and being bed ridden for a couple years to rebuilding your dream post-military?Today’s guest will share his raw, authentic story, and how to refine your thinking to endure your pain while you rebuild your authority in your desired industry. 

Impactful Moments of the Show:
Jeremy's story of loosing six figures at 22 years old. To getting back into the pathway for success while landing a job he wasn't qualified for on paper.
8:00MM: How formal education doesn’t always make you more valuable. 
10:00MM: Why ambitious vets devalue themselves in the first couple years getting out of the military. 
13:30MM: How we can stop the continuous never ending improvement after the uniform comes off. 
14:30MM: How he learned how to persuade and influence people in sales, rebuilding his confidence.
17:00MM: First business, 10-15 year run, and then the autoimmune system landline that landed him on his deathbed for two years.. loosing it all!
24:00MM: Overcoming the flawed mindset that a majority of ambitious vets fall into while building authority in the marketplace. 26:00MM: Rebuilding your value without entitlement. 
32:00MM: False expectation of what success is. 
36:00MM: Power of mentorship and getting a new perspective.
38:00MM: Spartan Media company story and what they offer! 48:00MM: Jeremy's Last Three Golden Grenades. 

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