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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 17, 2021

Looking to stay calm in the chaos of becoming more valuable in the marketplace post military, while anxiety, pain, sleep and stress try to hold you back? Why not just GET NAKED!? In this episode, you will learn from 26 year retired Navy Seal and founder of Naked Warrior Recovery has he drops Golden Grenade Nukes to blow you to new levels of leadership and execution in your life.

Impactful Moments of the Show:
4:00 MM: Background, Boy scouts, Ninja and early inspirations. 8:00 MM: The Navy Seals Mindset on execution. 
12:00 MM: After 26 years in the seal teams, William's number one leadership learned lesson that accelerated his trust and credibility with his peers. 
17:00 MM: The difference between 210 degrees and 212 degrees is effort.
20:00 MM: Big rock philosophy on productivity. 
25:00 MM: The Naked Warrior Origin Story and Mindset. 
32:00 MM: For skeptics who still aren’t bought into CBD. 
36:00 MM: Get Naked Mindset. 
46:00 MM: Learn more about Naked Warrior Recovery here: 

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