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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 1, 2021

When you were serving in the military you could always count on the azimuth to point you in the direction you needed to go in to accomplish your mission. The question is, how can you feel that same intuitive-like purpose while having a selfless tribe around you committed to your success post-military? In this episode, you'll learn from retired Army Special Forces Green Beret, former Chief Strategy Officer, successful Rugby coach, and co-founder of Tribe+ Purpose, Otis McGregor. 

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

4:00MM:  The ONE thing that most people fail to do in fulfilling their purpose, that veterans have an unfair advantage in. 

6:00MM: Otis' background and his seven-year story of feeling lost before finding his purpose. 

11:00MM: Transitioning never stops. 

15:00MM: How to gather the courage to walk away from something that provides an awesome living.. but doesn’t provide the satisfaction you desire.

20:00MM: Otis’ story of brand pivoting into Tribe+Purpose.

25:00MM: What is Tribe + Purpose = ???

30:00MM: The power of having a tribe around your purpose.

34:00MM: One Last #GoldenGrenade

Learn more about Tribe+Purpose here: 

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