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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 8, 2021

Are you ready to strengthen your mindset and repurpose your military strengths into a successful life post-military? In this episode, you will learn from Marine Corps veteran, Harvard Business School graduate, and founder of Ranch Road Boots, Sarah Ford on how to continue to repurpose your leadership skills in business post-military.  

Impactful Moments of the Show:
4:00MM: Sarah's background and upbringing from a strong father figure.  
7:00MM: Repurposing her award-winning mentality and leadership into the marketplace post-military.
10:00MM: Strengthening her mental toughness through triathlons at a young age. 
14:00MM: Advice to get yourself through tough times.
16:00MM: Her self-discovery journey in the first few years out of the military. 
18:00MM: Her all-out massive action approach to tackling your next mission post-military. 
12:00MM: Sarah's "Shoe Dog" story of selling her 50 units of boots through a horse trailer.
21:00MM: Her journey to creating traction in her business and the problem of having too big of ambitions too early in post-military life. 
28:00MM: Her inspiration from the American West and how it has been translated into Ranch Road Boots. 
32:00MM: Sarah's one-last #goldengrenade. 

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