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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 7, 2021

Did you know that someone could be targeting your parents or grandparents for financial elder abuse, resulting in them losing their retirement and financial stability late in life? This is a black-out problem that most of us post 9/11 veterans do not even think about, however, John Schwartz, Army Vet, graduate from West Point, 24-year retired special agent from the FBI educates us on the motives, differentiator between good and bad intentions and key vectors to identify in predators looking to steal your family's wealth. 

Impactful Moments Of Show:
4:00MM: More about John Swartz’s background.
5:00MM: How John Swartz transitioned into the FBI after 9 years of military service and the one way to spot more opportunities in life.
8:00MM: After 9 years in the military and 24 years with the FBI- what inspired John to launch an Elder Financial Abuse Non-Profit. 12:00MM: Understanding how predators assess victims.
14:00MM: How to identify predators and attack vectors to protect your parents and grandparents.
17:00MM: Gaining insight into key differentiators of bad intentions to good ones from predators.
20:00MM: Looking deeper into coercion skills.
23:00MM: Motives behind financial elder abuse.
26:00MM: One Last #GoldenGrenade from John Schwartz.

If you have noticed that your elder loved ones have received any of these attack vectors, click here to learn how to protect them: 

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