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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 21, 2021

Ever wanted to write a book to tell your story? What if you could have the opportunity to become an Amazon best-selling author within 90 days using a proven "done for you" system that has created 100s of best-selling veteran authors? In this episode, you will learn why your story matters, how it opens more doors, and what you can do to make the creative process easier. 

Impactful Moments Of Show:
4:00MM: Why does your story matter.

9:00MM: Going to a place where most veterans do not want to go to make the biggest impact on people.

11:00MM: How becoming a best-selling author positions you better in the marketplace.

15:00MM: How to get off your ass and write your book!

19:00MM: The only statistically driven platform for selling your books and how to beat the algorithm.

25:00MM: One last Golden Grenade to fuel your growth and advancement in life post-military.

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