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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 9, 2021

In this episode, you will learn what it takes to take a perceived life-altering setback and turn it into a life calling that allows thousands of voices to be heard and lives positively impacted. Christine Walker, of At Ease Magazine puts on a clinic on how she relentlessly pursues having veterans' voices and stories shared that forged them in the fire and have made them who they are today.

Impactful Moments Of The Show:

6:00MM: Christine’s background and relentless journey to starting At Ease Magazine.
10:00MM: The moment she decided to start At Ease Magazine.
13:00MM: More about the stories being told in the magazine never heard.
18:00MM: Christine’s process to creating quality post 9/11 veteran content that puts them AT Ease.
23:00MM: The secret sauce IN how you continue to grow and advance as an ambitious veteran.
30:00MM: How can you support AT EASE Magazine right now. 

Learn more about At Ease Magazine here: 

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