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The Ambitious VET Show

Dec 16, 2021

Are you ready to clear the financial clutter and chaos that is handicapping your potential post-military? In this episode, you will learn some effective personal finance strategies and tactics geared towards the military mindset that will equip you for financial dominance in 2022.

Impactful Moments for the Show:
4:00MM: Three decades of experience and military parallels in personal finance.
11:00MM: Stopping the bleeding.
15:00MM: Put yourself into a position of strength by securing the perimeter.
26:00MM: Proven formula to set your parameter.
22:00: Engage the enemy: Identifying the real enemy.
38:00MM: Going from following orders and creating your own personal financial freedom plan.
44:00MM: Building future ops- the intel and tactics of deploying others to build a future bigger than you could on your own.
48:00MM: Planning the Exit: Accomplishing your mission- and how to finish strong.

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