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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 1, 2018

How to go from confusion and not belonging out of the uniform to creating a mission and purpose that creates PROFIT and INCREASE!

"I was trying to live a mediocre life and life wouldn't allow me to!" -Andrew O'Brien

In this episode: Andrew talks about how to endure through prostitution, war, murder, & suicide and use adversity to your advantage in building a HUGE BRAND!

Listen for these golden grenades:
-Difference between entitled vets and gritty vets
-How to be loud and not quite out of the uniform
-What makes you different between millionaires
-Living with passion VS making money
-Power of investing into yourself
-FREE content and WHY you don't get results from it

Andrew went from dealing with some of the most intense adversities someone can handle like; Prostitution, War, Suicide, & Murder to go into business for himself. He built a successful publicity company from $0 to 7 figures in it’s first year. After realizing that the money wasn’t creating happiness for him, he decided to leave his successful company behind and create Vetpreneur Tribe. He always knew that he belonged within the Veteran community, and this could be his way to get back to his family.

To get connected with Andrew and his movement visit: