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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 29, 2022

In this episode, I bring six of the most listened to episodes of the show over the past 4 years together in the areas of business and personal finance, resilience, personal growth, Diversity, Unity, and personal branding. I also provide one question to ask yourself before jumping into each one to gain that ONE GOLDEN GRENADE you are looking for to implement in your life immediately.

Episodes Discussed: 
1: Habits Around Money and Life with Daniel Kopp
2: Living your Brand with Sean Douglas
12: Be Relentless with Jeff Banman
62: How to Go from Shit Bag to Shit Hot in Life, Business, and Career with Nate Schoemer
134: Knowing What Drives Your Business Growth with Navy Veteran and CFO4Vets Founder Scott Chesson
121: Diversity, Unity, and Being Treated as an Original with U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Author, And Speaker Cornelius Maxwell