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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 8, 2018

In this episode: Dwayne drops golden grenade after golden grenade as he shares how he went from a 25 year old struggling transitioning veteran being driven off fear to leveraging other's lessons and wisdom to become a high end executive of a Aerospace Engineering company, founder of Landmark Life Coaching, contributor of Huffington post, & a brand new author!

Biggest Golden Grenades to listen for:
-How Dwayne discovered his passion driven life after feeling empty for chasing Money and security out of the uniform
-How we can switch from being fear driven to passion driven
-How to build confidence for BIGGER wins from the inside.... out!
-How creating new neuro-pathways in the brain can create brand new results & how to implement
-How to build relationships for opportunity
-What qualities & core strengths you can leverage at a job interview
-His PHILOSOPHY behind READY AIM FIRE which he talks about in his book that will give you access to an empowered life out of the uniform

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