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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 22, 2022

Melissa Washington has a great story of overcoming adversity and making the most of the resources in front of her that would later have her empowering thousands of people. She shares in the episode that never stopping to sharpen her saw during the times of financial challenge led her to a global career opportunity with LinkedIn and in the present-day founder of Women Veterans Alliance a platform for women veterans to connect and share resources to empower their growth!

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

4:00MM: Melissa’s story and what she learned transitioning out of the Navy, marrying a Marine a month afterward, and then dealing with your husband leaving for deployment a month after that. 

10:00MM: How she dug herself out of being laid off in 2009.

12:00MM: How an EDD meet-up group turned into teaching open house LinkedIn Workshops.

20:00MM: Landing her LinkedIn job after posting a LinkedIn Ad for FREE training.

25:00MM: Mellissa’s secret sauce in building relationships that support career advancement.

28:00MM: The checklist behind Melissa’s book: “Get Back To Work!”

34:00MM: How Women Veterans Alliance was born - 7 years ago.

37:00MM: What ambitious female veterans can gain by participating in of Women Veterans Alliance.

40:00MM: Last SAVED Golden grenades.

Connect and learn more about Melissa's work here: 
Women Veterans Alliance: 
Melissa's Book: 
Other Career Seeking resources mentioned: 

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