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The Ambitious VET Show

Aug 3, 2022

When we transition out of the military we can lose our sense of curiosity, silliness, and ability to adapt to the individual needs of each individual. Coming from a military institution where everything is uniform, highly regulated, and structured how do you find that love and joy in serving people's individual needs?

In this episode, Daris Mcinnis, will share his journey into the education field after being an ordnance logistics officer in the United States Army, what he learned about himself, and how veterans can bring the missing leadership needed inside the education industry.

Impactful Moments of the Show:
4:00MM: What Daris is most excited about right now in life.

6:00MM: Daris’ Higher Education perspective.

9:00MM: What led him from the Army to early childhood education?

14:00MM: How the education field can support developing more flexibly and adaptability to individual needs.

18:00MM: Bringing silliness to a serious life.

24:00MM: Bringing critical thinking to a diverse work environment.

28:00MM: Why veterans are a good fit for the field of education.

32:00MM: A couple of last golden grenades from Daris to support you in your journey of getting into the educational field.

More about Daris: 
Daris is full-time doctoral student at Penn GSE (Graduate School of Education) and a summer learning curriculum specialist at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Prior to Penn, Daris served as an early childhood teacher in Washington, D.C., an Education Pioneer in New Orleans, LA, and five years on active duty as an Ordnance Logistics Officer in the United States Army

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