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The Ambitious VET Show

Nov 30, 2022

We can easily play defense with the invisible wounds that come back with us after experiencing combat, i.e. PTSD and other trauma. With that said, you do have a choice in the matter, you may just not be aware of the tools on how to play offense. In this episode, Air Force Lt. Col.  Brian Slade shares his learned lessons from learning how to think fast under pressure and maneuver through a curtain of enemy fire that crippled his aircraft and wounded his co-pilot, ultimately earning him the Distinguished Flying Cross. You will walk away having gained one principle he shares in his book Cleared Hot: Lessons Learned about Life, Love, and Leadership While Flying the Apache Gunship in Afghanistan and Why I Believe a Prepared Mind Can Prevent PTSD. 

Impactful moments of the show:

4:00MM: Brian's Background

6:00MM: Why he wrote the book

10:00MM: Introduction to the Chair Flying principle

14:00MM: Story of co-pilot getting hit while on a mission in Afghanistan 

20:00MM: Steps to Chair Flying

25:00MM: how to apply the technique in everyday life

28:00MM: Why we cannot buy totally into a man coming home as a shell of himself after combat

32:00MM: Lasting advice for any veteran looking to return to normal life.

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