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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 22, 2023

How do you find that internal compass to guide yourself from where you are to who you want to become post-military? In this episode, PJ Maykish unpackages his four pillars to living a strong post-military life. 

Impactful moments in the show: 

4:00MM: PJ’s background 

8:00MM: How he found passion in tech and its ability to be a warfighting superpower.

12:00MM: The four fundamentals to live strong. 

18:00MM: How to find your battle rhythm leveraging the four fundamentals. 

23:00MM: Self-acceptance and what you can control when your stock price goes down as an individual. 

28:00MM: The two behaviors to audit in your everyday life. 

35:00MM: PJ's war cry to all Ambitious VETs. 

How to learn more about Dr. PJ Maykish: 
More around his role as Senior Advisor at Special Competitive Studies Project: 

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More about the guest:
Dr. PJ Maykish serves the Special Competitive Studies Project as a Senior Advisor. Prior to the SCSP, PJ was the Director for Technology Competition at the National Security Council. He directed classified research for the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence from 2019-2021. In the Strategy Office for the Secretary of Defense (OSD-P/SFD), PJ developed “Third Offset” technology solutions for DoD deterrence credibility issues from 2015-2017. He was promoted early to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel ranks with 24 years of leadership experience in military operations including Commander of U.S. Central Command’s Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) from 2017-2019.