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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 7, 2023

When you chase things with the wrong motives, the end result has a funny way of teaching you something. Especially when it ends in devasting failure. Chris Pavlak attended law school for all the wrong reasons, though he wouldn’t realize this until years after he repeatedly failed the Bar exam. Versus allowing the failure to beat him, he used it to find purpose by becoming a United States Marine. In this episode, Chris shares more about his story, the primary message behind his best-selling book: Lawyer to Warrior- Failing the Bar, Becoming a Marine, and Finding Meaning, and what he learned about building a life of significance off solid ground.  

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

4:00: Chris' background

6:00: The why behind writing the book and the primary message behind: Lawyer to Warrior 

9:00: Failure and the impact on one’s soul 

20:00: The difference between law school culture and military culture

23:00: Building a life off of solid ground 

24:00: Chris' last saved rounds 

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More about the guest: 

Chris Pavlak graduated from law school in 2006. He failed the bar exam twice before joining the U.S. Marines and becoming a ground intelligence officer. During his service, Chris has led Marine rifle and scout sniper platoons, been a planner for Marine Corps service-level exercises, and served as an advisor to Afghan security forces. Still in the Marine Corps Reserves, Chris is a faculty member at National Intelligence University near Washington, D.C.  As a civilian, he is a consultant on the policies, ethics, governance, and regulations of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. He lives in Alexandria, VA. 

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