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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 5, 2019

In this episode: Rolo shares how leading with the right intentions can lead you to a passion driven life out of the uniform! We chat about the power of TENACITY & PERSEVERANCE, attention to detail and how it can LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE CHASING YOUR PASSION!

Rolo Abanilla, CEO of Fresh Start Credit Repair & Marine Corps Veteran. Who started off in an MOS as a Machine Gunner, then onto Security Forces, and eventually ending as Primary Marksmanship Instructor.
After completion of the Marines, he spent time as a Juvenile Correctional Officer for a maximum-security prison, and then later by working as a Mail Handler for the United States Postal Service, found that to be unfullifiling and eventually found himself back into a career relating to security, and eventually became a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for several federal agencies. After 20 years of services, He decided to slow down and opened up Credit Repair Company now known as Fresh Start Credit Repair AND he works full-time as a Peer Support Counselor for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Check out what Rolo and his team are doing here:


Are you ready to kick of the new year in an Ambitious VET kind of way? That means getting the habits, routines, and knowledge you need to make 2019 the best year yet, it begins with what you plant in your ears. Today's sponsor is Audible, I have been using Audible for over a year now and knock out an audiobook a month on a certain topic I need to improve on. You should be the same way and check out the details here: