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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 26, 2019

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?Do you struggle with keeping a healthy life due to the demands of life?Have you ever felt like you’re not ENOUGH?

These are just a few questions Megan struggled with during her transition trying to create traction out of the uniform! I am sure a lot of you guys who listen will be able to relate to Megan's story of being unemployed for the first 8 months, getting a divorce, and fired from a job she moved out of state to get TO now best selling author, podcast host, and speaking on stages with people like Mario Lopez, Les Brown, and Randy Jackson. Megan is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION who dives into her story and throws countless of #goldengrenades for any Ambitious VET willing to use their struggles as lessons learned to become more! 

Here is Megan's best selling book: You are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength: 

Megan's Facebook: 



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