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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 10, 2019

In this episode: Trish explains the challenge of narrowing your focus down to one thing with a world full of noise and distractions. She shares how she found her purpose by pressing live and she explains how you to can generate a lifestyle of impact through Facebook lives that can drive low cost leads to your business or even if your looking for your next career have hiring managers knocking on your door.


When the interview starts this is the time stamps: 

0:00- 12:00 Acknowledge of my car accident and Trish's story 

               **Golden Grenade Alert- How do you eliminate the noise to focus on your ONE THING 

12:00- 16:30 How she found traction out of the Navy after 7 months of struggling to find a job 

16:30- 21:00 Why Facebook Lives 

                **GoldenGrenade Alert- Why most people do not generate leads from Facebook Lives 

21:00- 24:00 How to press live with purpose 

24:00- 27:30 How to acquire the Leto Eye and know how to provide the right content at the right time 

27:30- 31:20 Trish's three golden grenades 

31:20- 33:00 How she landed the Vaynermedia Speaking engagement

33:00- 34:30 Live question around how to deal with scattered brain syndrome when on live video

35:00- 41:11 OFFER for the first 3 Ambitious VETS who take actions 

41:11- 42:30 How to learn more about Trish and monetizing Facebook Lives in less than 5 minutes 

42:30- END Acknowledgement 

Here is how you can connect with Trish: 





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