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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 18, 2019

In this episode: Heather gets RAW, HONEST, AND IN YOUR FACE on what it takes to create a community around your mission to insure MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT. She does a great job explaining her evolution into discovering her next mission. 

Listen for this question: 

What do I do as an Ambitious VET who is 2-3 Years out of the uniform and seeking to build community around better executing my next desired mission?

Once the Interview Starts: 

0-4:00 minutes: Heather is sharing her journey from Air force to getting in the digital marketing arena, a lot of good sound practical "ah ha' moments to be had here Ambitious VETS as she explains how she became a Police Officer to become a real estate agent only to realize her real mission. 

4:00- 13:00 minutes: Transition story and how she overcame feeling not valuable and no purpose

13:00- 17:00 minutes: She talks about how her thought process when hitting your breaking point out of uniform 

17:00- 19:00 minutes: The difference between being honest and being a jerk 

19:00- 26:15 minutes: How she began to develop her passion in the digital marketing industry 

25:15- 32:00 minutes: How we we as Ambitious VETS build community around our mission. 

32:00- 36:00 Heather shares Daniel Alarik's story of going from $1500 in his pocket to building a mission with Grunt Style, a Veteran focused apparel company that is now well over 100 million dollars in revenue.

36:00- 45:00 She throws 3 KILLER #goldengrenades for you to go and implement or start practicing tomorrow to elevate your impact.

45:00- END: Acknowledgement and how to follow Heather Dopson 


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