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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 21, 2019

In this Episode: Otis dives into his 7 year journey of finding what he loved after 25 years in the U.S. Army. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in Green Beret Special Forces regimen. Even though he conquered the rank structure of the Army, Otis shares to live a fulfilling and sustainable life post military you have to begin again with a beginner's mind. 


Listen for this question: What does trust the process mean to you? 


Once the Interview Starts: 


0-8:00 Minutes: Otis' story of transitioning out after 25 years in the Army and taking 7 years to figure out what was next 

8- 10:00 Minutes: The process of improving 

10- 15:00 Minutes: Otis' "Ah Ha' Moment out of the uniform 

           ***Golden Grenade Alert: Who you know gets you in, making yourself useful sustains success 

15- 19:00 Minutes: #1 FAILURE and what it learned from it 

           ***Golden Grenade Alert: We can be loyal to the regimen while serving and in business loyalty is hard to find 

19- 22:00 Minutes: How do you let go of loyalty when the mission isn't complete in the organization? 

22- 27:00 Minutes: What does trust the process mean to Otis McGregor? 

27- 31:00 Minutes:  What is LTO Enterprises? 

31- 35:00 Minutes:  Otis' 3 Golden Grenades 

35- END: How to connect with Otis and acknowledgement 


Here is how you can connect with Otis: 





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