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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 28, 2019

In this Episode: Lorraine demonstrates what an Ambitious VET is by explaining her transition story after 20 years of service and still asking herself "what's the next challenge" to undertake. I think, we as Veterans silently ask ourselves that question, but do not want know the answer to it, resulting in us getting into a world wind of careers that leave us unsatisfied. Lorraine does a great job sharing personal stories of spending time as the president of a Toastmasters club in her area of New Jersey and shares actionable advice around how to build trust and credibility while building your own individual brand post military. 


Listen for this #GoldenGrenade: How to position yourself as VALUABLE out of uniform 


Once Interview Starts: 


0- 5:00 Minutes: Lorraine's story and challenges 

5- 7:00 Minutes: Transition Story and how she pulled upon her experiences to execute next steps 

7- 9:00 Minutes: What's Next, what made Lorraine desire more after 20+ years after service 

9- 11:00 Minutes: Building trust and credibility after service 

11- 13:00 Minutes: Positioning yourself for opportunity 

13- 14:45 Minutes: Catching the pattern of doing things 

14- 20:11 Minutes: Lorraine's relationship to Failure 

20- 22:30 Minutes: Art of Self Promotion 

22- 26:30 Minutes: Lorraine's special offer EXCLUSIVELY for Ambitious VETS 

26- 29:30 Minutes: My FREE giveaway partnered with a CHALLENGE for you  

29- END: Golden Grenades

          *Golden Grenade Alert: Donkey Story teaching a VALUABLE LESSONS


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