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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 14, 2019

In this episode: Adam shares how he went from underemployed to doubling his salary after serving eight years in the Air Force. Veterans as a whole struggle with self promotion and focus on the wrong tactics needed to build a network that creates bigger and more profitable opportunities post military. Check out Adam's #goldengrenades as he shares practical tactics, his own breakdowns, and breakthroughs on how you can build long term meaningful and purposeful relationships.


Once the interview starts:

0- 6:00: Story- Green Up Solutions and How he has established a Passion Project 

6- 12:00: Adam dives into how he took opportunity as it came and made a progression in each one. 

12- 17:20: How Adam discovered his talents/gifts/skillset in NETWORKING 

17:20- 23:06: The Power of High Volume Networking

23:06- 28: What is Post Military Pro and what does Adam mean in building meaning and purpose in life through organic networking?

28- 31:30: Adam's 3 Golden Grenades

31:30- END: Acknowledgement 


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