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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 21, 2019

In this Episode: Jaime shares how she spent most of her life running or avoiding problems, until her FIGHT to fight found her. How many of you don't know what to fight for after serving in the military? Spending years lost and confused struggling to find that one thing that fulfills you. Jaime was that person, thinking a change of scenery was the answer to finding what was missing in her life. It wasn't until her fight found her, when she began to undertake a mission that 80% of the world resists, the CBD Industry and the fight for her sons cure of Cystic Fibrosis.


Once the interview begins time stamps: 

0-4:00: Story 

4-5:00: How Jaime found traction 4 months out with a job, but just wasn't satisfied and why. 

5:30-8:00: Jaime's way of discovering what she was passionate about post military. 

8- 13:30: The moment she realized she couldn't run or avoid problems anymore and began to fight for a BIGGER MISSION. 

13:30- 15:15: How she developed grit and resilience to fight against social norms ad stigma against CBD 

15:15- 17:30: How to endure the fight with tons of resistance 

17:30- 20:00: Here vision and mission to educate and break the stigma attached to CBD 

20- 22:30: Her Special Offer to Ambitious VETS 

22:30- 24:45: A secret hack to how CBD can increase liver damage

24:45-25:23: How to take advantage of the Ambitious VET offer

25:23- 27:48: Jaime's three Golden Grenades 

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