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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 28, 2019

In this episode: We all have heard of those "Veteran Friendly" companies that are willing to open their doors for the veteran talent pool but what happens when 45% leave within 12 months or even worse the 65% that leave after 24 months? Dave Beadle is a key stakeholder inside of one of the world's largest telicommuncations companies veteran integration programs and has been fighting the good fight of empowering employers with the right tools to retain a invaluable veteran talent pool that desperately is seeking challenge and leadership opportunity. Check this episode out and see if your organization is "Veteran Focused." 


Once the interview starts: 

0-10:00: Dave's story and wisdom of how different it was to transition back in the 80's vs the 21st century and how he spent close to a decade "figuring it out" 

10-14:45: How "Be of Service" led him to figuring out his core purpose and mission 

14:45-19:48: How challenging it can be in the 21st century for military veterans looking for respect, to fit in to a companies culture, and feel valued in the marketplace

19:48- 25:20: "Veteran Friendly" VS "Veteran Focused" 

           Golden Grenades to listen for: Dave's four levels of maximizing a Veteran's talent and skillset as an employer 

25:20- 27:52: How can Employers play a better role in Veterans making their first opportunity the one they commit to long term 

          Golden Grenade to listen for: What are the root causes Veteran turn over inside companies 

27:52- 30:00: Dave's three golden grenades: Purpose- Transition is a process- Never to late 

30:00- END: HUGE Ambitious Giveaway to help Employers gain a deeper awareness on how to become Veteran Focused 


Here is how you can connect with Dave:

Sign up for his monthly Newsletter - Forging Integration in Transition by emailing him at and mention this Ambitious Vet event. If you are interested in the FREE assessment for Veteran-Friendly to Veteran-Focused, email him at the same address and let him know how to contact you and what is the company.


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