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The Ambitious VET Show

May 5, 2019

In this episode: Have you ever had an idea for an invention, but just didn't know where to start to execute on it? Matt Butler, Air Force Retired and Founder of Rollors share his story of getting his "ah ha" moment on one of his deployments which bred the "Rollors Game Company" and a 10-year journey of becoming a leader inside of an industry he never thought he would be known for outside of playing with the products, "Lawn and Beach Games," Wall Street Journal said, Rollors is the  “best new lawn game you’ve never heard of," until NOW! Come join me as I dive into the trenches with an Ambitious VET who started his idea in his garage and now its in mainstream retailers like War-Mart, Amazon, and many others! 

Once the interview begins: 
0-11:00: Personal stories and transition journey after 20 years in the Airforce 
13-18:00: The moment when he realized his purpose after the AirForce and a crazy story of his first craft fair at a church where he sold out his first 50 games created
18-19:30: Matt touches on how he dealt with and continues to deal with self-doubt as he grows Rollors and lives life outside of the military 
19:30-24:00: Matt's process in taking an idea and actually acting on it 
24- 26:00: The importance of doing diligence before investing time and effort into a task or project 

28-30:00: Matt's SPECIAL AMBITIOUS VET offer 
30- END: Matt's three Golden Grenades

How to connect with Matt and Rollors: 

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