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The Ambitious VET Show

May 19, 2019

In this episode: Ever felt embarrassed after transitioning out of the military for not being able to get things moving quick enough? Barry shares the two things that kept him going after transitioning out of a 20 year military career to keep his hero status to his family. Barry is now a Director of HR and program manager for Operation Supply Drops upcoming new self improvement initiative: Boots to Books! 


Once the interview begins: 

0-3:00 Minutes: His challenging transition story after 20 years of Military and 10 years of operational experience, including a MBA education. 


3:00-5:00 Minutes: How he gave up the embarrassment to allow others to support him in his pursuit to finding purpose post military. 


5:00- 7:00 Minutes: Biggest Failure- How he thought the numbers game would work in his favor. Don't miss his humbling reality! 


7:00-9:00 Minutes: Greatest Challenge for him becoming more post military. His explanation of the difference between confidence and entitlement. 


9:00- 14:30 Minutes: About the Boots to Books Program that is having a surprising buzz, here why here. 


14:30- 17:00 Minutes: What this program makes available for Ambitious VETS 


17:00- 20:00 Minutes: Barry's three Golden Grenades 


20:00- END: Acknowledgement and how to connect with Barry 


How to connect with Barry: 


How to follow OSD's progress with Boots to Books: 


If your wanted to be apart of this fast growing movement and read the books that all high performing Veterans are reading to become more  connect with Barry or Email me here:


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