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The Ambitious VET Show

May 25, 2019

In this episode: Ever wonder why you are feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, or underemployed post military? Natalie shares her story of getting out of the Navy and moving back home where everyone praised her for what she did and was currently doing for work. Everyone was happy, but Natalie. After 10 years of recruiting work she has found her ambition in accelerating Ambitious VET'S journey getting out of the service to their next meaningful career post military. 


"Hero's aren't born, their built." -Military Talent Partners 

Once the show begins: 

0-4:00 minutes: Her story 

4-6:00 minutes:How she gained traction out of uniform 

           -Listen for how she felt- isolated, disconnected, not knowing how to connect 

6- 9:00 minutes: How did she find her purpose out of uniform? 

    **Golden Grenade alert!!** Finding your why makes all the difference 

9-11:00 minutes: Her biggest failure and what she learned from it. 

    **Failure is a common them and you have to be willing to try new things. You can either stay scared and isolate or leap and grow**

11-13:50 minutes: How do you as an ambitious vet get ahead of what stands in your way to becoming more quicker. 

13:50-15:10 minutes: The biggest challenge you as an Ambitious VET deal with in finding a meaningful career. 

15:10- 20:00 minutes: Career transition accelerator 

20-22:00 minutes: Natalie's three golden grenades 


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