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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 2, 2019

In this episode: a man who never let circumstance hold him down, explains how taking advantage of one platform can catapult the rest of your life to a place where you can bring a voice to the unheard. If you are a Veteran looking to serve something bigger than just your needs, Ronaldo is your man, as he has been featured on Food Network’s Chopped, BBC America’s cross-country chef competition “Chef Race,” and appearances on WNBC, Fox News, Telemundo, and Univision. He is a popular featured chef presenter and speaker at live events including the Food Network’s “Food & Wine Festival,” the Diabetes EXPO, and The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. 


"I got out of the uniform with 4 flat tires. I was just another guy, from Sergeant in the Marine Corps to just "Ronaldo." -Ronaldo Linares 


Once the show begins: 

0-5:00 Minutes: Who is Ronaldo 

5-17:00 Minutes: How did Ronaldo find traction post military? 

Golden Grenade Alert- Never thought about the process just knew what he was going to do. 

17:00- 23:00 Minutes: Challenges in becoming more out of uniform 

23:00-30:30 Minutes: What does Servant Leadership mean to Ronaldo? 

*Golden Grenade Alert- Umbrella Analogy 

30:30- END: Ronaldo's three golden grenades 


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