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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 9, 2019

If you give him 1% he will earn 99%. Dylan Raymond, the transition expert who is a multiple time author, keynote speaker, coach, consultant, and military recruiter explodes this interview with his humble beginning story of starting in the streets of NYC and joining the United States Army where he did the work to earn the rank of Master Sergeant after 25+ years of service to starting over using his philosophies in this interview to be positioned in a place in life where he speaks at some of the top job board conferences to enlighten both Veterans and companies who don't know the first thing in keeping military talent or for the Veteran themselves to navigate into an organization that fits with their idea of success. 

"You either have to network or NOT work when building success post military." Dylan Raymond 

Once the show begins:

0-6:30 Minutes: From Heavy D weighing in at 240+ pounds in the streets of NTC to finding purpose  

6:30-11:00 Minutes: From arrogance to four months of unemployment to rebuilding confidence 

11:00- 13:45 Minutes: Biggest Failure of not preparing before leaving the military 

13:45- 16:41 Minutes: How seven doors to opportunity stop Ambitious VETS in becoming more 

16:41- 19:55 Minutes: The problem with FREE resources for Ambitious VETS 

19:55- 25:00 Minutes: Dylan shares what he shared from stage that both companies and Veterans can apply immediately in achieving a meaningful relationship long term 

25:00- 29:00 Minutes: Dylan's three Golden Grenades that you can implement right away to execute your next mission quicker 

29:00- END Minutes: Dylan's offer to the first five Ambitious VETS who text the number 832 301 5110  "#AskChief"  to recieve a FREE signed copy of his book "Rucksack to Briefcase: A civilian-side, job hunting guide for service members and their families

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