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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 16, 2019

In this episode: Kirby recently announced as the brand new moderator of the Ambitious VET Tribe on Facebook, a 20+ year retired first sergeant of the United States Army, coach, speaker, and ultra runner explains why the Ambitious VET tribe, what does this tribe mean to him, what he see's is missing that he plans on bringing that will help you as Veteran inside the tribe get what you need to live a life you love. We even share some actionable tips on how to begin positioning yourself as a influencer inside the community. 


Key #GoldenGrenades to listen for: 


1) Why be a contributing member of The Ambitious VET Tribe 

2) How you can take immediate advantage of the resources, connections, and opportunity inside the tribe 

3) How we as a tribe can begin to create an ecosystem of opportunity that feed each other's success and satisfaction 

4) Kirby's three golden grenades that you can immediate that action on and increase the quality of your life 


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