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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 24, 2019

In this episode: You will get clear on why it's important to build a brand, how to build a quality reputation, and what you need to being doing to build a unique personal brand that attracts opportunity tailored towards your values and beliefs. If you are an Ambitious VET who can't ever shit it off, look I get it, Dan does a great job in explaining how he balances work with what really matters in his life and manages to even leverage experiences to create more brand equity. 


"Don't go to the grave with that music still inside of you. You gotta let it out!" -Dan Evans 

Once the show begins:

0-5:00 Minutes: How he found direction and began to build a reputation after 13 years of Military Service

5:00-11:00 Minutes: The small investments he made that paid off as life threw him challenges 

11- 17:40 Minutes: Dan, leveraging technology to solve organizations problems 

17:40- 23:07 Minutes: What to do when you are dealing with the unknowns of life's transitions 

23:07- 29:27 Minutes: What he does to prevent burn out and keep life balance while still building brand equity 

29:27- 32:00 Minutes: What Dan wants to be known for in life 


32:00- END: Dan's three Golden Grenades and how to implement them right now in your life 

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Book Dan referenced: "What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers: Click the link to view: 

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