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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 14, 2019

In this Episode: You as an Ambitious VET will get present to how, just because you worked in the military as one thing, doesn't mean the thing you were called to do is the same. Jose, having troubles fresh out of the Navy in 2010 finding direction on the next steps found peace through trial/error in education, career paths, and opportunities. It wasn't until he had his "ah ha" moment while helping someone in the arena of politics that he decided to go all in, putting in the work, hours, and grunt work to now becoming a front runner for US Congress running for District 53 in California. 


0-6:00 minutes: His story of sharpening the mind after six years in the Navy living in others expectations and belief systems.

6:00- 8:00 minutes: His "ah ha" moment that had him see where he belonged.

8:00- 10:20 minutes: The wisdom in grunt work and how it leads to bigger opportunity, one step at a time 

10:20- 14:51 minutes: What he learned when he decided to live outside of societies expectations for his life. 

14:51- 18:50 minutes: His definition of "suffering" and how you can interpret your military experience differently.

18:50-25:48 minutes: His vision and plan for Military Veterans once he gets elected into office: The Hero's Promise: Military Bill of Rights. 

25:48- 28:39 minutes: Jose's three golden grenades that will shift your perspective on life no matter the season you are in.

28:39- 30:45 minutes: How to join Jose's fight to the White House 

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