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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 21, 2019

This episode we pulled out from our secret archives. This was our first ever recorded episode of The Ambitious VET Show two years ago. We purposively left it unedited and raw for you to hear what it sounds like to just be getting started with a vision or idea. 

In this episode: Travis Collier: Active Duty Coast Guard Commissioned Officer: (Author of Command Your Transition and SCALE, Founder of Battle & Rhythm, & host of "Transition Tactics:" 

Important topics covered:
-How he compares military ambition to civilian life ambition and how military is a pendulum between combat and comfort.
-His "Sight Sets the Limits" Theory- What do you see is possible in front of you, (Opportunity or Circumstance)
-Aspiration Vs Ambition -Getting real with what you can't do
-Feedback Loop Theory and how to use it to your advantage 
-Reacting vs Aligning and creating from your core values
-Seeking the magical Secret Formula
-Travis' advice on how to create traction and rhythm out of the uniform
-Social Jet Lag - how we sabotage our routines
-Importance of peer group & not breaking the chains
-His '2 Transition Ratios' for fulfilling on a successful transition
-His Vision & How to connect with Travis
-About 20 minutes of us just bullshitting and talking about life 

In this very informal interview recorded in a Starbucks, back when I was sleeping on a couch after a break up with a woman I lived with Travis  we get raw, honest, and real on what it takes to create a fulfilling life post military. 


Connect with Travis here:




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